Serial products of PETG

PETG heat shrink film, possess excellent tenacity, higher resist impact strength, good mechanical performance and flexibility, higher transparency than PVC, high gloss, easy for printing. Non-toxic, odorless, much friendly with environment.


Characteristic: Both direction shrinkable, both sides with good mechanical performance and sealable (heat seal and high frequency waves seal).

Application: Batteries set packaging, cover packaging.


Characteristic: Thanks to its lower shrinkage and residual stress, the label will not out of shape when beverage under sterilization process. The lower shrinkage feature provides excellent condition of the label when it goes through hot air shrink tunnel.

Application: Replace of PVC label those use in hot filling system.


Characteristic: High shrinkage, shrinkage up to 75%(99℃/10s); Excellent seaming property for use glue in operation; Excellent optical and mechanical extensibility. Especial apply to containers with big difference from neck and body diameter.

Application: Long neck bottle labeling and cover shrink sleeve etc.