Company culture

Corporate culture, is the embodiment of the enterprise comprehensive strength, reflects the civilization degree of an enterprise, but also the productivity of knowledge form into a material form the source of productivity

Huaye humanistic pursuit: Sincere, Dedication

Good faith is the basis of mutual trust, is a sign of responsibility, pay attention to the good faith is HuaYe people and the root of the enterprise survival and development, advocate, love their career at the same time, to do a noble career is HuaYe people constant pursuit.

Huaye spirit culture: the harmonious development of pragmatic truth

Practical is the basic requirement of huaye to employees, is also the basic attitude of employees to work. Harmonious development is the pursuit of huaye, mainly reflected in the harmony of enterprises and employees common development, enterprises grow together with customers, enterprises and the common progress of the society of harmony from three aspects.

Huaye material culture: all aid win-win Mutual benefit and reciprocity

Employees and enterprises in the same boat, share the achievements of enterprises, is the material concept of huaye trading; Customer satisfaction, mutual benefit is the picture in the development of industry.

Huaye system culture: innovation implementation

Enterprise system culture is HuaYe people on the concept of consciousness form performance, encourage innovation, resolutely implement is the basic requirement of huaye system management.

Huaye behavior culture: starts from me, dedicated professional

Let every employee to establish the good life values and to people, with sophisticated technology, with regular matter, fulfill his duties, committed, starts from me, starts from now.