Serial products of BOPS

BOPS (Biaxial oriented polystyrene), is one kind of new environment friendly packing materials, it possess properties of high intensity and rigidity, excellent glossiness and transparency, non-toxic, odorless, non-pollution, and lower density. Via biaxial oriented stretch, the mechanical property, especial the elongation, impact strength and tenacity increased significantly, has good thermal shrinkage performance, and still keeps the original transparency and glossiness.
OPS adhesive tape film for lithium battery core : We recently developed this OPS adhesive tape film for lithium battery core , which with coating released solvent, special coating adhesive, by slitting and other processes, as a kind of expansion tape. It is mainly used as the termination wrapping for lithium battery cell of cylindrical type rate battery, to replace the traditional way of termination tape. After a certain effect of high temperature and the electrolyte, the adhesive tape will have expansion change, which can fill the gaps between the core and the steel shell of the battery unit. When the battery encounters any vibrations, it can remove the relative movement between the cell and the steel shell, and solve the problems of short circuit caused by vibration and the desoldering phenomenon of terminal lug, in this way to ensure the safety and the service life of the battery.



Apply to envelope and box window film, with excellent transparency, mechanical performance and anti-static.


Perfect in apply bottle labeling. Besides stick evenly to the bottle and shrink without rebound, it possess anti-crack and nice handle.


Thanks for its excellent twistable performance and stable after twisted, it is common used in food packaging, for example use in twist wrapper of candy.