Course of honors

  • 2013.10

    Strategic emerging industries to foster enterprise in guangdong province

    Release time:2013-10-31

  • 2013.04

    The national ankang cup competition winning unit

    Release time:2013-04-30

  • 2012.07

    "BOPS window film" project won the Beijing international high-tech packaging fair prize

    Release time:2012-07-18

  • 2012.06

    Access to the national "adopting international standard product symbol certificate"

    Release time:2012-06-30

  • 2012.06

    Obtained the certificate of "standardization good behavior," AAAA level

    Release time:2012-06-19

  • 2012.02

    "A PET - G heat shrinkable film manufacturing method" was awarded the first prize for scientific and technological progress, chaozhou

    Release time:2012-02-22